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  Alison L. Gerfen
  Vice President Operations

   Alison brings a strong background in marketing and market research to the solutions we provide    our clients. She is responsible for the planning and execution of all market feasibility study    components. Included is demographic analysis, conducting focus groups with consumers, key    person interviews, questionnaire design, field survey analysis of competition and trend identification. Utilizing the market specific information discovered through this research, she is also responsible for developing strategies to assist clients in meeting their marketing and business goals.

Alison and her staff have completed more than 250 market and economic feasibility studies throughout the Midwest, Midsouth and Eastern United States. Her studies have identified the need for a full range of services including cottages, independent and catered living, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, hospice, adult day care and nursing home care. The studies ensure that our clients have the right marketing plan for their community, and provide the facts necessary in developing an effective marketing strategy.

Alison also directs special projects such as comprehensive physical plant needs assessments, rent comparability studies and site underwriting reports.

Alison graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in economics. Throughout her education, Alison worked as a student supervisor for the Ohio Wesleyan Annual Fund. She also held a consumer research and satisfaction position with a division of the Limited Corporation of Columbus, Ohio.

Before joining HomeLife, she was employed by a Worthington, Ohio market research company where she managed and conducted primary research, market planning and customer satisfaction surveys.

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