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Feasibility Studies

Whether you are interested in enhancing performance, contemplating developing a new multi-family or senior living community, renovating or expanding an existing development, or applying for the housing credit program, HomeLife Companies, Inc. will provide all the necessary knowledge and information to help you reach your goals. We provide the know-how to assure you fully understand all the options, and that your community is properly conceived and soundly developed.

HomeLife specializes in one of the most valuable tools available to help you meet the challenges of our dynamic industry - - market and economic feasibility analysis. Our feasibility studies evaluate the degree of risk you will take with a proposed development or expansion by identifying the market demand through an age and income demographic analysis. Consumer research is performed through focus groups and a field survey of all competition in the identified primary market area.

An economic feasibility analysis identifies financing sources for the proposed development as well as income and expense budget projections. Most importantly, a final report provides a concise executive summary outlining specific recommendation(s) supporting or negating project development. An absorption schedule for the site, master program development, options and features, and outline of marketing strategies completes the comprehensive and user-friendly report.

HomeLife is equally capable of providing assistance with renovation planning, strategic planning, acquisition analysis and marketing. With our extensive network of professional connections, we are constantly on top of the latest developments in multi-family and senior housing.


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